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Tooth Extractions in Huntington Park

Tooth extractions are a very common procedure that can resolve a number of issues and help eliminate discomfort. There are several different reasons as to why a tooth extraction may be needed, which include extensive tooth decay, broken teeth, infections, and more. There are times when a filling or root canal can fix a damaged tooth; however, for cases that are more severe, then it is best to get a tooth extraction to protect your oral health. Keep in mind that extractions are only a last option if the tooth cannot be saved; however, our experienced team will assess your case and discuss the different treatment options that will work for you.

If you are experiencing severe tooth decay, broken teeth, infections, or other issues with your teeth, then feel free to contact our team for tooth extractions in Huntington Park. We will evaluate your case and determine what is the best option for you. 

Conditions That Can Lead to Dental Extractions

There are a number of conditions that can lead to a tooth extraction. Some cases may be treatable or avoidable if they are caught early on. However, if too much damage has already been done, then the only option may be a tooth extraction, which will eliminate pain and more damage, and will protect your oral health.

Here are some common conditions that can lead to dental extractions:

  • Severe tooth decay
  • Gum disease (periodontitis)
  • Tooth loosening
  • Broken or missing teeth
  • Dental crowding
  • Baby teeth that have not fallen out in time

Whatever the reason may be, our team of skilled and experienced dental surgeons know what it takes to safely remove damaged teeth to make sure that your pain is eliminated and your oral health is protected. We have performed a large number of tooth extractions, and our goal is always to do so in a safe and efficient manner. You should never deal with the severe pain and swelling of a damaged tooth, as it can become infected over time and worsen.

How Are Tooth Extractions Performed? 

When it comes to tooth extractions, they are generally done under local anesthesia. This entails the side of the mouth to be numbed while it is being worked on. Then, once the anesthetic is administered, the dental surgeon will gently rock the tooth back and forth until it is removed. The other option may be to surgically extract it by making a small incision into your gums in order to gain access to the tooth. The surgical procedure is done when the tooth has broken off below the gum line. Between the two types of procedures, the surgical extraction is much more complex. If you are unsure whether you need a tooth extraction, our team will assess your affected tooth and determine which is the best route for you. 

After a Tooth Extraction 

Depending on the procedure in which you received, stitches may be present. Whether you have stitches or not, it is essential that you avoid eating solid foods for a few days. Your dental surgeon Huntington Park will give you detailed aftercare instructions to prevent any infections. Additionally, you should follow the instructions in terms of when to switch out your gauze, which will also prevent infections. You should brush and floss normally so bits of food do not get into the incision area. Lastly, if you experience any pain or discomfort, you may use over-the-counter medication, like ibuprofen.

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At the Dental Community Clinic, we are highly experienced in bringing the best results to our patients. Your oral health is extremely important, and it can also affect your overall health if not taken care of. You should never put off a tooth extraction if it is needed, and it is important to know that it is one of the most common procedures done at our office for adults and children. In addition, if you are in need of a dental extraction, we also offer many services for tooth replacements. Our team can help you from start to finish. Feel free to give us a call and come in for a consultation today!

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